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The contents of our concert service include the tuning, technical preparation and the delivery of your grand piano to the venue.

Pianoworks is in contact with producers, superintendents and light/sound technicians at the venue. We keep to the artists wishes to build the best circumstances possible to create a great concert.


Do you require a piano for a concert?

Pianoworks provides and delivers the required instrument. In co-operation with our well chosen partners we offer a hire and delivery service. Also technical support is provided.


Often i‘m called upon to tune pianos for artists or productions of whilst a tour is in progress. Our service continues throughout the whole tour or parts of it providing a unique personal service instead of having the piano tuned by a new technician at each venue. Consequently the performance of the piano is enhanced by the personal touch.

Pianoworks is highly experienced in concert services. We know and recognize difficult circumstances on stage. The personal contact from Pianoworks is the ideal solution to your tour.


Pianos are specialized pieces of furniture that obey special rules and transport should only be undertaken by specialists.

Pianoworks organizes the transport of your piano.