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Your piano can loose its tune for many reasons, possibly because of the condition of the piano or the climate(humidity-changes) conditions.

Pianoworks is your competent partner. On the occasion of re-tuning your piano you will be reliable informed of the condition of your instrument.


Whilst being played, your piano is in action. Naturally parts of the mechanism can be damaged, a string may possibly brake, the furniture may also be damaged whilst being transported or moved.

Pianoworks provides an expert repair service.


The revision of your piano is a passionate love of the pianobuilder. His love of his occupation is reflected in the end results.

Pianoworks undertake revisions in extreme detail. The many-sided experience of Pianoworks is an advantage seeing as there are many manufacturers of pianos.


Pianos are specialized pieces of furniture that obey special rules and transport should only be undertaken by specialists.

Pianoworks organizes the transport of your piano.